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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

― Lao Tzu


Saving Humanity

We live in the shadows of what life was 30 years ago; its remnants are but an empty shell to remind us what we have lost – Our Humanity. We live in a technologically advanced era that has supposedly connected the world together at our fingertips, yet never before have human beings felt so lonely and isolated.

It’s time we stop and remember what it means to be human and interact among ourselves rather than through technology.


Human Interaction

+ How can a text or a video truly convey sincerity?

+ True connection only happens face to face.
Humanity depends on it!

Rather than texting and messaging via smart phones, step out of the rat race and grab a tea or coffee in person to have a conversation about all the good things that are happening in our lives
This alone will bring back fundamental human values.

Technology is cold and impersonal
whereas human beings are warm
and fundamentally care for one another.



Far from rejecting it, we advocate safe and ethical use of technology via wired connections.

By choosing to live cell free, you take one-step closer to restoring the value of humanity over money and technological advancement.

Embark on your LIVECELLFREE journey, and join countless others making a difference in this world.

Why live cell free?

Interview with Bhaskar Gosawmi from daana.

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