⚝LIVECELLFREE is a revolutionary culture. A new way of living that brings back fundamental values that have humans at the forefront.

“Our mission is to bring HOPE to Humanity 
that we CAN  and MUST live differently.”

Technology has slowly infiltrated and taken control of our daily lives causing us to forget how to relate to one another without the use of technology. Humanity is being lost to a condition known as “nomophobia”, the fear of being without a mobile phone.

Moreover, not only is it detrimental to our capacity to relate with our spouses, children and friends, it is also harmful to our health. Wireless technologies (cell phone : 4g/LTE & 5G, wifi, Wimax, Bluetooth) has long been a controversy yet the science is clear: artificial electromagnetic radiation is dangerous to our heath!

Long have the warnings been unheeded!

By simply implementing one new habit at a time from reducing time spent with technology and exposure to wireless technologies, to breaking up for good with our cell phones, we can transition from a state of dependency to one of freedom.

We promote the safe and ethical use of technology though wired connections (Ethernet or fiber-optics.)

Join us in this revolutionary movement of saving our humanity.

Lets free ourselves of this invisible prison!
Let’s start having face to face meeting again!

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